In Waves

A medium of sand and pigment is used in the current series of paintings, called “In Waves”.  Sand acts as a direct connection to the subject matter of beaches, a primeval natural environment.  It plays a role as the foundation that covers the panel, as well as being symbolic of, and physically part of, the landscape represented in the image.  The act of painting, the fluid passing of the brush across the panel in repeated strokes, closely parallels the behaviour of waves.  These paintings illustrate the meeting of the elemental world and the creative process. They are exercises that bring me closer in understanding the essence and patterns of the natural world.

Paintings Channeling Waves Of ‘Impressionism’

Canadian visual artist Robert Blonski captures the mood of the British Columbian coastline in his acrylic on sandpaper/panel paintings.  In his set of ten paintings, Blonski’s brushwork focuses on waves that crash onto the shoreline and the trails they leave behind as they ‘retreat’ from the shore. His work effortlessly encapsulates the calming effect of the sea that draws the multitudes to its side. Enjoy.

Tamara Kisha Tan, 23 Mar 2013, designtaxi

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  • I have followed Robert Blonski’s artistic creating for many years. His most recent series, entitle “In Waves”, is his embarkation on a new part of his journey. It will explore not only his new home near the ocean, but also the primary creative force of all things. In Physics, the material Universe around us is described in terms of waves, wave equations, and mathematical solutions that describe the beautiful waves that form and govern all matter and energy. Music is waves, light is waves, even our bodies travel through space-time with a Quantum Physical wavelength. But all this beautiful complexity is trumped by Mr. Blonski’s examination of the simple beauty of waves on the surface of the Ocean – the primary creative source for life on Earth. Waves combine on the Ocean in harmony, analogous to the creative force of Love, and also combine destructively as an analogue of the forces or Entropy. He is onto the source, the flow and the magic of existence… and I think his greatest creations, yet.

    Jeremy S. Brett, Geophysicist

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