We come from the forests.  I am reminded of the importance of trees during the sweltering days of summer.  Even in urbanised Warsaw, I have learned how to jump from forest to forest as I make my way across on bike.  It is expressly in these times that trees become my refuge.  They were, in point of fact, once our place of shelter.  In the painting Back To The Trees, the thickly painted surface appears as a well loved artist palette, and the forest is represented full with healthy green foliage.  At its forefront stands a row of white birch trunks.  Paradoxically they are both inviting and foreboding. They can appear as pillars at the entrance of the great forest temple, or conversely they become a line of protective bars, a staring reminder that we’ve cast ourselves out, unable to return. 


Back to the trees

2023, oil on linen, 40 x 40cm